Access to the Industry (TV/Film/Advertisings/Recording Deals)

Taxi – The Worlds Leading Independent A&R Company. The November conference is free to members.

The indie Bible

Music Supervisor Listening Sessions – sync summit online listening sessions. $150 a session for personal reviews by music supervisors. Sessions are limited to 20 spots.

Music Supervisor Guide

Music Supervisor on line submissions

Guild of Music Supervisors – Load your music up for access to the companies contacts with music supervisors. It is non-exclusive with 50/50 split on up front money. You keep the publishing and 100% of the backend performance royalties. It is free to sign up and upload your music. The paid version gets you first priority.

Music Supervision: The Complete Guide To Selecting Music For Movies, TV, Games, & New Media

Music Business TV – YouTube channel

MUBU TV – interview with Barry Cole on how to approach a music supervisor

MUBU TV – interview with music supervisor Sarah Webster

Film Music Network


The Hollywood Reporter –  Production and Pre Production directory (subscription required)

Variety   TV/Film industry news

Music Connection They publish an annual drectory of Film/TV Music Supervisors/Post Production list.

Music X Ray

Song Writers Universe Music Supervisory Directory

Sorted Noise connecting artists and opportunities

Music Library Info – Control your data and collect money, Learn more from ustream interview

Want to learn about Music Supervisors?

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