Access to the Industry (TV/Film/Advertisings/Recording Deals)

Taxi – Discussion of yearly conference called the Road Rally and several ustream tv broadcasts can be found here. If you are interested in getting your music into TV/Film placements, watch the first 20 minutes of the following weekly ustream video. The conference is free to members of taxi. Two Part Interview with Barry French who achieved 1,000 placements over the first couple of years with taxi. Part 1         Part 2

Music Supervisor Listening Sessions – sync summit online listening sessions. $150 a session for personal reviews by music supervisors. Sessions are limited to 20 spots.

Music Supervisor Guide

Music Supervisor on line submissions

Guild of Music Supervisors – Load your music up for access to the companies contacts with music supervisors. It is non-exclusive with 50/50 split on up front money. You keep the publishing and 100% of the backend performance royalties. It is free to sign up and upload your music. The paid version gets you first priority.

Music Supervision: The Complete Guide To Selecting Music For Movies, TV, Games, & New Media

Music Business TV – YouTube channel

MUBU TV – interview with Barry Cole on how to approach a music supervisor

MUBU TV – interview with music supervisor Sarah Webster

Film Music Network


The Hollywood Reporter –  Production and Pre Production directory (subscription required)

Variety   TV/Film industry news

Music Connection They publish an annual drectory of Film/TV Music Supervisors/Post Production list. Here is the 2013 list. 

Music X Ray

Song Writers Universe Music Supervisory Directory

Sorted Noise connecting artists and opportunities

Music Library Info – Control your data and collect money, Learn more from ustream interview

Want to learn about Music Supervisors?


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