Be aware that templates and free versions of contracts may be out dated and not necessarily reflect industry standards today.

Template from Society of Composers and LyricistsThe Composer Agreement, 
The Composer Licensing Agreement , Performing Rights Contract Language

Film Scoring Sample Contract on Deniz Hughes website

The Entertainment, Arts, Sports Law Blog – The 11 Contracts Every Artist, Songwriter and Producer Should Know — Music and the Movies

Film Making 360 – 588 Free Film Contracts and Forms (see sound and music in post production section)

Film Music Agent  – Free Sample Film Scoring Agreements

Indie Artist Resource – contract templates

Indie Film Laws Blog – Composers Agreement


Nashville Musicians Association  Scales, Forms and Agreements

Music legal forms

The Music Bridge: Limited Music Rights Strategies for Film Makers

The Musician’s Guide

John Braheny  sample work for hire agreement

Collaboration Agreement sample agreement on  The John Braheny Blog

Q & A with Music Industry Attorney Erin Jacobson – 100 minute program on Taxi TV

Starpolish Helping Artists Help Themselves


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