A Fair(y) Use Tale A 10 minute Disney Parody video explaining Copyright Law and Fair Use

Article on Chord Progressions and Copyright

copycatlicensing website link to FAQ which covers the following questions. The information here is slightly dated but may help answer some of the following questions with regards to

1. What is the average cost of an arrangement license for my band?

2. Are there songs that are unavailable for licensing for arrangement rights or video rights?

3. What is the average cost of a synchronization (DVD) license?

4. What is the average cost of a mechanical (CD) license?

5. How much music can I use without licensing it?

6. Why isn’t my use of the music considered Fair Use?

Copyright Alliance

ChoralWiki – Home of Choral Public Domain Library

Copyright Royalty Board

Copyright Society of the USA

InPlay  A music copyright infringement resource sponsored by USC Gould School of Law

Kohn on Music Licensing

Music United

Music & Copyright Blog The international business news service of global music copyright

Nimmer on Copyright  The most cited work in the field and the undisputed leading authority for in-depth, comprehensive analsis of U.S. copyright law.




Rights Direct on International Copyright Basics


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