Music Careers In Dollars and Cents 2012 Edition – Salary ranges for U.S. Music Positions in Performance, Writing, Business, Audio Technology, Education, Music Therapy and Emerging Career Paths developed by Berklee College of Music

The Ultimate Indie Bible


Gracenote   They can provide audio fingerprinting (IRSC)

International Standard Recording Code  (digital fingerprinting your recordings)

Bulk audio watermark

National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences   Grammy.com

SAE Audio Reference Material  

Audio Engineering Society

Recording Industry Association of America  (RIAA)


Nils Liberg’s Script Tutorial for Kontakt

Kontaktdevelopment – Kontakt Library & Script Developing blog – free scripts, tutorials and resources

Scriptorium for Kontakt

Cycling 74  (Interactive graphical programming environment for music)

ProTools Experts


Quickeys – Automate your software with your own shortcuts. The shortcuts can be combined to form extended series of commands.

Quickeys iOS app at itunes


Ivanhoffman.com – numerous articles regarding copyright and intellectual property.

Volunteer Lawyers For the Arts

Erin Jacobson – Music Industry Lawyer, Q & A on Taxi TV


DIY building own recording studio desk

Music Jobs Today: Money, Grants, Work

Future of Music Coalition

Digital Music News

Music  & Entertainment Industry Educators Association

International Computer Music Association

Top 25 Websites for Music Education – article on artisthouse music

Audioundone Blog of Focal Press

Music Industry Newswire   Covering artists, companies, equipment and techniques

Composers New Pencil   Music Composition and Technology

Jazzbooks.com  Great resource in jazz educational materials

Fanbridge.com Better email and social media management

Full Touch Media – makers of DAP (digital artist presentation) Apps for connecting with your fan base

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