Music Library Info

Music Library Report (composers rating the music libraries)

An Introduction to Writing Music For Television: The Art and Technique of TV Music Writing by Michael Kurk

Interview with Art Munson (founder of the Music Library Report) Youtube Channel

Make Music? Make Money- E book by Art and Robin Munson 

How To License Your Music – Great site devoted to articles, blogs, interviews, podcast, forum and access to An Insider’s Guide to Music Licensing by Aaron Davison

The Business of Music Licensing Generating Revenue Through Your Music by Emmett Cooke

The Composer’s Guide to Library Music by Dan Graham

Ed Hartman – Adventures in Music Licensing articles  – send email to get each month.

Demystifying The Cue: Thoughts and strategies for creating competitive Film and TVmusic in today’s new media world Dean Krippaehne

Demystifying the Genre: Analysis of commonly used elements in ten of the top production music styles and strategies for successfully writing and recording in any genre

Write, Submit, Forget – Dean Krippaehne

Writing Production Music for TV – Steve Barden

Songwriting for Film & TV: 114 Tips for Writing, Recording, & Pitching in Today’s Hottest Market

Hollywood Music In Media Awards

PRS for Music – music library directory and subsidiary catalogues

Unified Manufacturing list of music licensing companies – includes short description of companies

PMA – Production Music Association

The Library Music Awards

The Musician’s Guide to Licensing Music by Darren Wilsey and Daylle Deanne Schwartzs

The Rich Musician (Free guide to music licensing companies)

TuneSat – audio technology that scans TV and web for use of your music that might go unreported

Jim Pfeifer’s online journal about composing and music production in a home studio

Production Music Awards

Libraries that accept online submissions  for consideration 

APM Music – This link lists individual libraries APM runs that are active in the United States in production.  There are over 35 diverse libraries. Their website states that composers can send their inquiries and submissions directly to the addresses of the individual libraries. Members of Reverbnation who keep their accounts active and the music fresh may be invited to license their music through APM.

Biggest List of Music Licensing Companies from A-Z

DMOZ list of production music libraries

Hollywood Elite Composers – Licensing opportunities for composers who meet requirements. The company collects only 20% commission on all royalites from the license fee. They do not take publishing and only collect on licenses procured through the website.  Composers set their own rate. – Load your music up for access to the companies contacts with music supervisors. It is non-exclusive with 50/50 split on up front money. You keep the publishing and 100% of the backend performance royalties. It is free to sign up and upload all your music.

PRS for music list of Production Libraries


Start your own library? Consider these sites.

Composers Catalog –  software to keep information and audio files organized. It will organize your general info, writers, publishers, session musicians, lyrics, metadata, PRO info, music files. It can provide summaries and charts with regard to your information including genres and publishers.

Music  & Words / Metadata – The Importance of Metadata For Media Composers article from Sound on Sound

Tag Team Analysis – A company that can provide metadata for your library of music. They help your clients find tracks based on analysis of topics such as genre, sub-genre, mood/feel, BPM, featured instruments and descriptions.

TagATune.  Select moods by checkbox and generates text for pasting metadata elsewhere. For PC only.

ID3 Editor -metadata software that can go beyond iTunes for tagging your audio. It can include copyright, URL, encoded by and with command line interface can be scripted with shell or batch scripts.

License Quote – They provide a software player, suggested licensing calculator, and the ability to embed the licensing store on your website. You keep all sales revenue. They offer LQ free, LQ store standard and custom pricing.

AG Watermark Generator – app tool to add audio watermark to your original tracks fast and east for both Mac and PC.

What Does a Music License Look Like – Nick Murray video

Library Management Companies Software

Harvest Media

Netmix Pro


Source Audio

Want to learn about Music Supervisors?

Maureen Crowe – Co-Founder of the Guild of Music Supervisors Keynote Interview form 2014 Taxi Road Rally.

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