Orchestral Orchestration

International Music Score Library Project  

You Tube Orchestration Online

Professional Orchestration Online

The orchestra a users manual

Philharmonia orchestra

15 Lesson Course Spiral-bound by Norman Ludwin

The Study of Orchestration by Samuel Adler

Instrumentation and Orchestration by Alfred Blatter

Orchestration by Walter Piston

Principles of Orchestration by Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov

The Art of Orchestration Principles of Tone Color in Modern Scoring by Bernard Rogers

The Technique of Orchestration by Kent Kennan and Donald Grantham

100 Orchestration Tips by Thomas Goss E-Book

100 More Orchestration Tips by Thomas Goss E-Book

Anatomy of the Orchestra – Norman Del Mar

Textures and Timbres: An Orchestrator’s Handbook by Henry Brant

Professional Orchestration by Peter Lawrence Alexander 

Orchestral Instrument Links

Artistic Orchestration by Alan Belkin a free pdf at scribd

Orchestration: a new approach vol.1: Dr. Norman Ludwin

Principles of Counterpoint by Alan Belkin

Spectrotone Chart of Arthur Lange  (Former head of MGM Music Department)

Cinesamples Composer’s Workshop  – Video Interviews with studio musicians in Los Angeles

Tim Davies Video entitled Extreme Australian Orchestrating video from midi file to finale sketch and final score. See how a hollywood orchestrator works.

5 Orchestration Lessons from John Williams’ Flight to Neverland – article at Composer Focus

Schillinger System of Music Composition


Cinesamples Michael Patti Orchestration: The Critical Fundamentals by Michael Barry

Cinesamples Micheal Patti advice on how to study orchestration for film

Cinesamples Tutorial: Maximize Your Orchestral Compositions by Understanding One Important Concept

Cinesamples Michael Patti – A set of tools to use in any composition

Cinesamples Michael Patti – How to Study Classical Music from a film composers perspective

Academy of Scoring Arts videos

Star Wars suite for orchestration deconstructed 

Catch Me If You Can orchestration segment analyzed

March of the Resistance from Star Wars 7 analyzed 

A Short Ride in a Fast Machine deconstructed

Midi Orchestration

Paul Gilbreath – Midi Orchestration

Acoustic and Midi orchestration for the contemporary composer – by Andrea Pejrolo, Rich De Rosa

Orchestration 301 The Midi Orchestra – Enhancing Realism – 45 videos/246 minutes by Peter Schwartz

Nick Murray Youtube Videos on Realistic Midi Performances – Create Realistic Strings, Realistic Brass Sound from MIDI Brass Samples

Jazz Orchestration

Inside the Score by Rayburn Wright   Big Band Jazz Orchestration from the anaylsis of the works of Sammy Nestico, Thad Jones and Bob Brookmeyer

Herb Pomeroy – The Pocket Herb (notes from Herb Pomeroy’s Line Writing, Duke Ellington and Jazz Comp Courses and a second set of notes from Pomeroy’s Line Writing and Ellington classes)

“Lickety Split”: Modern Aspects of Composition and Orchestration in the Large Jazz Ensemble Compositions of Jim McNeely: An Anyalsis of “Extra Credit”, “In The Wee Small Hours of the Morning” and “Absolution” by Scott Brian Belck is a dissertation that essentially adds another chapter to the Inside the Score by Rayburn Wright

Jim McNeely Website – Study scores can be purchased in the store section

The Complete Arranger by Sammy Nestico (Jazz and Studio Orchestra)

Jazz Arranging and Composing: A Linear Approach by Bill Dobbins

Jazz Composition: Theory and Practice  by Ted Pease

A Guide to Jazz Arranging and Composing by Jerry Coker

Changes Over Time: The Evolution of Jazz Arranging by Fred Sturm

The Contemporary Arranger Definitive Edition by Don Sebesky  (Jazz and Studio Orchestra)

Gil Evans & Miles Davis by Steve Lajoie.

Arranging by Examples – The Practical Guide to Jazz and Pop Orchestra Arranging, Third Edition by Frans Absil

Gil Evans Arrangement of “My Ship” w/ Transcription by Jim Martin

Ellington  Study Grojo highlights videos

Guide for Drumset Notation by Norman Weinberg

Other Jazz Orchestration Stuff

Brad Mehldau DMA Program Notes of a piano recital – discussion on his use of consonance and dissonance

BMI Jazz Composers Workshop

Bill Holman Interview

Earl MacDonald Blog:    Composing       Bob Brookmeyer rehearsing Vanguard Orchestra,     Arranging for Westchester Jazz Orchestra    Stealing from McNeely

George Handy arranger and composer of Boyd Raebrun Orchestra, Dissertation by Benjamin Biermann

Inside the Score in the 21st Century: Techniques for Contemporary Large Jazz Ensemble Composition by Tyler Dennis

International Society of Jazz Arrangers and Composers

Jacob Collier – Music Theory Interview

Jazz Continuum Collected Writings – Keeping the Peace by Graham Collier

Jazz Arranging and Composing Books

Scott Healy’s Jazz Composition Blog: Writing, Arranging and Listening

Scott Healy Blog

Tim Davies  – jazz part 1, jazz melody and voicing part 2

The Life of Bob Brookmeyer 

Darce James Argue


Darce James Argue’s Blog – Part of the Carnegie Hall Musical Exchange


Darce James Argue Interview


Performance at Berklee with the Rainbow Big Band

Duke Ellington


Smithsonian Online Virtual Archive


Duke Ellington Jazz Composition Study Group Los Angeles


Duke Elington and Billy Strayhorn Jazz Composers (Smithsonian Albert H. Small Document Gallery)


The International Duke Ellington Music Society 


Arranging Ellington: The Ellington Effect by Darcy James Argue – Article discussing the unusual voice leading in just a few bars of Ellington’s Mood Indigo.



John La Barbera


John La Barbera Jazz Arranging Interview Part 1


John La Barbera Jazz Arranging Interview Part 2

Jim McNeely


“Lickety Split”: Modern Aspects of Composition and Orchestration in the Large Jazz Ensemble Compositions of Jim McNeely: An Anyalsis of “Extra Credit”, “In The Wee Small Hours of the Morning” and “Absolution”


Jim McNeely Website – Study scores can be purchased in the store section


Mostly Music Blog – interview with Jim McNeely


OmniTone Interview


Village Vanguard Orchestra


Maria Schneider


Maria Schneider Website


Maria Schneider Videos includes advice to young composers, composer’s block and more

Concert Band

Scoring for the Band – Philip Lang


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