Remote Recording

Jamkazam – Record, Perform live from multiple remote locations and broadcast liive concert events


Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio – Mike Senior

Mixing Secrets Freeware Software

Mike Senior Cambridge Music Technology  Mixing Resources, Studio Recording and Mixing Services, Training and advice for small studio users

Ths Studio SOS Book – Soultions and Techniques for the Project Recording studio

Mixing with Your Mind by Mike Stavrou

“Audio Post Production in Your Project Studio” by Casey Kim

The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook, Second Edition by Bobby Owsinski

Behind the Glass -Top Record Producers Tell How They Craft The Hits by Howard Massey

Behind the Glass, Volume 2 – Top Producers Twll How They Craft The Hits by Howard Massey

Fett’s Mixing Roadmap: A Step-by-Step Guide To Mixing Music In The Studio

Home Studio Clinic A Musician’s Guide to Professional Recording by Emile D. Menasché

The Producer’s Manual: All You Need to Get Pro Recordings and Mixes in the Project Studio by Paul White

Mixing Audio: Concepts, Practices and Tools by Roey Izhaki

Recording Review

The Composer’s Approach Volume 1: Room Acoustics – Mike Novy (Author), CW Music Germany (Editor)

Record Production Recording, Production, Techniques, Equipment, Music

Mastering Audio by Bob Katz

iTunes Music: Mastering High Resolution Audio Delivery by Bob Katz

The Sound Reinforcement Handbook by Gary Davis and Ralph Jones

Websites/Blogs/Video Tutorials

E-HomeRecording Studio – A good basic starting tutorial for someone wanting to get started in home recording

Cinesamples Tutorials – Corrective EQ part 1, Corrective EQ part 2 


Izotope – Are You Listening understanding mastering – Episode 1

Making It From The Home Studio – Podcast interviews

Mix With The Masters – Videos

The Pro Audio Files

ProRec a Blog with articles and interviews on mixing, mastering, recording and production

Passive Promotion (methods of music production and mixing/mastering tips)

Sweetwater Music YouTube Channel on mastering

The Recording Revolution Tips and Tricks, Free tutorials, In-Depth Training of Products

Pensado’s Place – Video interviews

Record Production – Record Producers, Recording Studios and Equipment. Includes hundreds of record producers video interviews

TC Electronics – Loudness Essentials Explained, Broadcast Standards

Marc Mozart – Mix Engeineer Blog

Airgigs  Hire Pro Studio Musicians & Audio Engineers For Your Project

Music Loudness Alliance


Audio Check  – Blind Listening Tests

Future Producers – Forum

Soundbooth Tutorials

Mixing/Mastering/Reverbs/Noise Reduction/Loudness

See Software section


Paul Worley Producing Lady Antebellum

Mixing Mistakes

Waves Articles on Mastering


Pro Audio Essentials by Izotope – on line audio game to practice and improve your producing skills.

Quiztones – Ear training app for amatuer and professional audio engineers, producers and musicians

An in-depth look at using headphones in recording and mixing

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