Audio Plugin Deals 
Audio Plugins for Free
Bedroom Producers Blog – VST Plugins, Samples and free soundware
Hitsquad – You can download from 7000 + music softwareapplications at Hitsquad Music Software. An ultimate resource for downloading music making software. The site includes Freeware,Shareware and Demo downloads.
Patch Arena – Free sounds, sound banks, synthesizer patches, synth resources and more.



Pro-tone – royalty free sounds

Spitfire Audio Labs – free samples

Synthtopia – Forum, Free Music Downloads, Music Reviews and Videos

Try-Sound Online test station for trying out plugins of synths/sample libraries.

Earmonk – Free Sample Libraries List

99Sounds – Free Sample Instruments and Sound Effects

VST Buzz – Weekly deals on sample collections from companies. Many are designed to work with the Kontakt sampler. According to Emmett Cooke the samples are cleared for use in TV and Film.

Subscription Based Samples and Synth Sites

East West Composers Cloud – All East West products for monthly subscription


DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)


BandLab – Cloud based DAW

Cockos Repear – $60 after free trial and the site comes loaded with video tutorials

Digital Performer 

Logic     Mac only platform

Mix bus.  Based on Harrison console for mixing

Nuendo   Multi platform for ease in moving from Mac to and from PC

Presonus Studio One 

Pro Tools


Record Reason Duo

Soundtrap – Online Browser based DAW

Magix Samplitude, Sequoia

Open Source Daw – Bedroom Producer Blog on Free DAWS

Ardour   (DAW)

LMMS     (DAW with tutorials on the forum)


Podium Free  Windows platform

Pro Tools First by Avid

RoseGarden (DAW with Forum)

Qtractor – Linux users

Ubuntu Studio – It comes prepackaged with many programs including Arudour, Audacity, Rosegarden, Hydrogen, Rackarrack, Qtractor and Pure Data and many more

Virtual Instruments/Synthesizers:

2CAudio – B2 (modular, dual engine spatial processor)


Audio Imperia

Audio Modeling

Audio Modern

Admiral Quality

Air Music Techonology

Atom Hub


Audio Imperia

Audio Thing

Bad Cat Samples

Black Octopus

Bolder Sounds 

Cinematic Strings 2

Cinematique Instruments


Drum Forge

EAST WEST   Hollywood Film Scoring sound, among the best in their many collections

Echo Collective – collection of uncommon sounds

8 Dio


Evolution Series – world percussion samples

Fables Sounds

Fluffy Audio

Frozen Plain



Hollow Sun

IK Multimedia Sample Tank

Impact Soundworks


In Session Audio – a company devoted to guitar samples and loops

Iris by iZotope

Jamstix – virtual drummer

Kirk Hunter Collection

Kontakt by Native Instruments

Kontakt Assistant

Kontakt Video on how to create your own Kontakt Instruments

KVR Audio – News and information resource for open standard audio plug-ins

Lucid Samples

Max Graphic User Interface approach to programming code


Orchestral Tools


Performance Samples

Platinum Samples – drum samples


Project Sam  Symphobia 


Rob Papen

Reveal Sound

Sample Hero



Sample Logic

Sample Magic

Sample Modeling

Sample Oddity


Sound Dust

Sonic Cat


Sonic Zest





Spitfire Audio


Straight Ahead Samples – Jazz Sample Collections

Strezov Sampling


Synchro Arts — makers of Revoice Pro 3 – autotuning software

Synth Magic


That Worship Sound




Westgate Studios

XLN Audio


Big Fish Audio – A written letter of consent, special use license, is required for use in production music. Not all loops sold by the company qualify for special use license. If available for the loops you are interested in, consider asking for the special use license when ordering the products.

LoopMasters – The Sample Boutique

Prime Loops

Producer loops

Native Instruments Reaktor Sites


LibraryReaktor Tips

Martin-Brinkmann Ensembles

Native Reaktor User

Reaktor Tutorials

Twisted Tools – Reaktor Ensembles – This site has links to Kontakt Scripts and tutorials


Audio Ease maker of Altiverb and Speakerphone

EchoThief Convolution Reverb Plugin – FREE

Exponential Audio

Impulse Responses – Free

Concert Hall Responses – Pori, Finland – Free IR

Liquidsonics Makers of Reverberate a modulated true-stereo hybrid convolution reverb audio processor for Mac and PC

Noisevault – Free IR

Samplicity Bridcasti M7 Impluse Response Library – Free IR

Valhalla Tips and Tricks


Voxengo – Free IR

WAVES free IR – IR Convolution Reverb Library (4.8 GB)   IR Convolution Reverb Sweep File for Self-Capture


 Creative Convolution: New Sounds from Impulse Responses Tips and Tricks article from Sound On Sound

Effects Plugins

Audified – Audio Research and Solutions

Audio Damage

boz digital labs



Equivocate by Eventide – When Sample Magic’s Magic AB plugin is set up as a side chain, Equivocate can match the EQ profile of any audio on your computer and can be applied to an individual track or the master bus. The best part is that the audio does not need to be imported into your project as Magic AB reads the audio from your hard drive.

Exponential Audio


Mdsp@Smartelectronix – free VST and AudioUnit plugins

Overtone DSP

Plogue – Bidule  Realtime Audio/MIDI/Spectral processing

Plugin Alliance






Mixing/Mastering/Noise Reduction

Alcon Digital – Mastering and Restoration Plugin Suites

Beyerdynamic Virtual Studio –  a plugin that simulates real speaker systems in various environments on your headphones. It is also FREE.

IK Multimedia T-RackS Software Suite

Izotope – Ozone 8 , Neutron 2, Neutrino 2, RX Loudness Control, Nectar

Final Mix Software – Rob Chiarelli Signature Series Plug-ins – Very affordable. Check them out!

Klanghelm VU Meter  – Plus it is a Trim.

Loud Max Limiter – freeware VST/AU Plugin Limiter

Mastering the Mix plugins – Reference, Levels, and Expose

MAAT Digital  – Check out the DRMeter MkII


MeterPlugs – Perception – You can instantly bypass entire FX chains to make A/B comparisons of EQ settings, compression and more. Even better, Perception will level-match and sync your sources so that “loudness deception” and plugin delay do not influence your decisions. Dynameter, K-Meter and LCAST for broadcasting

Mix Checker – standard and pro versions for simulated playback devices for checking mix and how it would translate.

Recording School Online

Room EQ Wizard – free room acoustic analysis software for measuring and analyzing room and speaker response

Slate Digital FG-X Mastering Plug-in

Sonarworks – Headphone and Speaker Calibration Software

SoundSoap by Soundness – noise reduction software

Tokyo Dawn Labs

Tone boosters – TB Isone Biaural room simulator. It employs real-time HRTF (head-related transfer function) and BRIR (binaural room impulse response) processing in a flexible VST plugin format.

TrackSpacer – 32 band EQ that analyses a track via an external sidechain and then applies the opposing frequency curve to the track you place the pug-in on in real time.

Waves – extensive software options, Nx provides a virtual mix room over headphones

Loudness Metering



Magic AB – This is a plugin for referencing audio you are working on in your projects. Presets of styles/genres can be saved in the plugin file and compared without loading reference tracks into your project.

VSonic – VMeters for fully compliant metering to both the ITU-R BS.1770-3 and EBU R-128 standards. It allows for customizing loudness metering.

Audio editors/Pitch correction



Celemony  Makers of Melodyne a polyphonic audio editor.  For melodic, rhythmic and polyphonic audio material. Ideal for corrections and creative applications.

Aurchitech – Triumph (audio editor good for sound design) Myriad (batch processor for mac)








Additional Open Source Music Software

Airwindows Free modular audio unit plugins for mac host programs

Audacity   (audio editor)

Bidule – Plogue’s modular audio software

CSound A C-based audio programming language

Giada – hardcore audio tool for DJ’s, live performers and electronic musicians.


Hosting AU – micro DAW for hosting audio units for playing live

Hydrogen    (drum machine)

Jack    (audio midi routing software)

Lilypond     Notation program     (code based notation program)


Mixxx – A Linux, Windows and OS X program provides a professional quality DJ mixing envoronment that can read <P#, Ogg Vorbis, WAV, AIFF and FLAC formats, among others.

MuseScore – notation program

Rackarrack – Multi- effects processor emulating a guitar effects pedalboard.

Sabayon Linux   (operating system)

Samplev1 – Old-school all digital polyphonic sampler synthesizer with stereo fx

Sonic Birth – Application for allowing users to build their own AudioUnit plugins, either by working with existing circuits or by creating circuits completely from scratch

SoundGrain – A graphical interface where the users can draw and edit trajectoris to control granular sound synthesis.

SuperCollider – programming langauge for real time audio synthesis and algorhythmic composition.

TAL-NoiseMaker – synthesizer

WaveSurfer   (sound visualization/manipulation tool)

ZynAddSubFX – Software synthesizer capable of making a countless number of instruments

Automating Software

Keyboard Maestro

Quickeys – Automate your software with your own shortcuts. The shortcuts can be combined to form extended series of commands.

Quickeys iOS app at itunes

Touch OSC – Modular OSC and MIDI control surface for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad

Tim Davies Video demonstrating Touch OSC use working with Finale music notation software

Quadro – An app for Mac and PC that you can create buttons for your phone and tablets to trigger hot keys in your software programs. Buttons can be different colors, sizes or even photos which can be labeled with any name. Here is a link to an article and pre programmed palette for ProTools.

Hardware Automation

Stream Deck available in 6, 15 and 32 button configurations. Got keys from Dawson can be assigned with choice of icons from your software can be added.

Monogram   Modular dials, keys, sliders that can be added as needed

Miscellaneous Software

Art Conductor 5 by Babylon Waves – Organizes orchestral articulations from all the major orchestral company collections into a single preset of keyswitches for a universal approach to working with all sample collections. Available for Logic and for Cubase Expression Maps.

Widisoft – Audio to Midi plugin

Collaborative Apps for Music Making

BandLab – Cloud based DAW


Jamtaba – free online software to play live music in online jam sessions


Kompoz – cloud based workspace for uploading audio to be used in any DAW with your collaborators.

Sound Storming


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